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iTrade Pay Launches New Donation System

AZ Big Media |
Date: Thur Jan 16, 2020

iTrade Pay, a local barter exchange, has developed a system that allows over 4000 businesses the opportunity to donate bartered funds for a 100 percent tax deductible donation. In 2019, the organization raised nearly $1 million for local charities and plans to double that number in 2020. Members are able to choose the charity of their preference to donate to, but iTrade has selected Toys for Tots, Arizona Sunshine Angelsand Children First Leadership Academywhich each received nearly $200,000 in funds in 2019.

“iTrade Pay believes that charity programs should not start and end with the holidays,” said CEO Christie Acevedo. “iTrade has over 4000 members in the Arizona, Colorado and Texas communities and appreciate the generosity of these businesses for allowing the continued growth of our charitable impact.”

iTrade Pay is committed to supporting local communities and implementing unique programs to raise goods and services for those in need. Donations through the barter system allow businesses to give back when monetary funds may not be available. This year, organizations used donated funds to purchase things like national advertising campaigns, school supplies for the needy, and construction services.

“We are very pleased to welcome iTrade Pay for the second year as a National Corporate Sponsor of the Marine Toys for Tots Campaign,” said retired Marine Colonel Ted Silvester, vice president of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. ” With their generous support, we have been able to fulfill the Christmas holiday dreams of thousands of less fortunate children, who otherwise might have been forgotten.”

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