iTrade Pay

We have been working with iTrade Pay since 2018. I want to thank personally Gina Magana and ALL of the staff for supporting Youth World Education Project. As a nonprofit organization we want to provide quality experiences through our initiatives and family events but funding is limited and iTrade Pay gives us the opportunity to connect with providers who would normally be out of our range. I am extremely grateful for all that you do for myself and my nonprofit. Thank you All!

Youth World Education Project

I have been with iTrade Pay for at least 10 years. This is a great company. I have had nothing but great experiences dealing with iTrade. over the years, Christie and the staff have always been as pleasant and accommodating as possible. Jimmy is a special person. Always friendly, always has a smile on his face and will do anything possible to address your needs. It just amazes me that over the years if the staff does change, they are always top-notch. You do not see that in business very often. It is amazing to see how much this company has grown over the years and continues to even get better and better as time goes by. In the past I have dealt with other trade organizations. Never have I found another company to be as thorough and professional as iTrade. Thank you for over 10 years of great experiences, great deals and a terrific Christmas event every year!

Bobby Auerbach

Prior to becoming a member of iTrade Pay we were involved in three other barter companies simultaneously. We chose to work with all three companies because none of them had enough barter opportunities on their own, but together they did. Once we became members of ITrade Pay we dropped the other three. No point in the hassle of three separate companies when iTrade has so many bartering members to choose from! This is a great company, very attentive, responsive, and easy to work with.

Teri Ambrose

We have been so fortunate to work with this team at ITrade Pay! I cannot say enough good things about them. Over the years, they have worked diligently with our company to ensure we have to most updated information regarding all aspects of utilization of their services. Their efforts, professional approach and knowledge has afforded us an increase in business. They are truly happy and always willing to go the extra mile for you. I highly recommend this company you will not be disappointed.

Linda Ackerman

We love working with iTrade. The brokers you will work with to help navigate your membership are top notch at what they do.. Gina especially! She's always so kind, professional, and quick with getting back to you. We're so glad to be part of this trade program as there's been endless upsides and zero downsides thus far. Will continue my membership as long as iTrade is around. What a great investment it's been.. you should try it too!

Amanda Jaramillo

I have been a member with iTrade for over six years! It's been a pleasure to work with all the amazing people on their staff. On the business side, I've been able to purchase marketing tools, promotional products and entertainment for potential and existing clients. Personally, I've had the opportunity to experience golf, concerts, travel, festivals, restaurants, gifts and more! I believe iTrade is beneficial for my business and also provides entertainment opportunities for me and my friends & family! If you are looking to trade your goods or services, iTrade Pay is the way to go!

Steve Sovacki

Working with iTrade has been an amazing asset to have for our business. We're always getting new customers from it which then turns into even more sales after the job is completed. Whether you need something for your company or personal use, they offer so many services from thousands of different businesses that I am continuously reminded of the value it holds to be a member. The representatives there are always fast to respond with a request, especially Gina!! She's worked closely with us to make sure we almost always find what we're looking for and it feels like she's part of the team here now. I would highly recommend working with iTrade, you won't regret it!

Jordan Dempsey

"We have been members of iTrade Pay for several years and based upon the good relationship that we have developed with them, we were extended a large amount of credit to purchase a big item for our home which was needed in an emergency situation! We are so grateful to iTrade Pay and highly recommend them! Bartering and Trade has fashioned us very nice vacations, jewelry, hair care, fun events, wonderful gifts and has provided some of my favorite high quality purses. I still use the Italian Leather purse and get many compliments on it. Most importantly, it offers our clients who are members the opportunity to trade for our services!"

Mark & Cammi Collier