Youth World Education Project

We have been working with iTrade Pay since 2018. I want to thank personally Gina Magana and ALL of the staff for supporting Youth World Education Project. As a nonprofit organization we want to provide quality experiences through our initiatives and family events but funding is limited and iTrade Pay gives us the opportunity to connect with providers who would normally be out of our range. I am extremely grateful for all that you do for myself and my nonprofit. Thank you All!

Bobby Auerbach

I have been with iTrade Pay for at least 10 years. This is a great company. I have had nothing but great experiences dealing with iTrade. over the years, Christie and the staff have always been as pleasant and accommodating as possible. Jimmy is a special person. Always friendly, always has a smile on his face and will do anything possible to address your needs. It just amazes me that over the years if the staff does change, they are always top-notch. You do not see that in business very often. It is amazing to see how much this company has grown over the years and continues to even get better and better as time goes by. In the past I have dealt with other trade organizations. Never have I found another company to be as thorough and professional as iTrade. Thank you for over 10 years of great experiences, great deals and a terrific Christmas event every year!

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