iTrade Pay

Why Barter?

Bringing You a Better Life Through Barter

The most important challenge facing your business today and in the future is to maintain a competitive edge. This means rethinking the standard way of doing business. It also means exploring new sources of revenue.

Conserves cash

That’s right. Every time you complete a trade transaction, you did not have to pay cash out of your pocket for that item. Cash is the life of a business and without a positive cash flow, a business cannot survive. So by bartering, you can conserve cash for the items you cannot get with trade.

Gets rid of surplus

Plenty of companies have surplus lying around that they cannot liquidate. This is stale merchandise that is only COSTING the company money. It is costing money by taking up space that could be used for salable items. Things that won’t move in the cash world have every chance of moving in the trade world. So now you can get rid of the things you don’t need by trading them for the things you do need.

Lowers downtime and unused capacity

When a hotel room sits empty, it isn’t making anyone money (and in some cases is actually losing the company money!) With barter and trade, a company can fill those rooms with clients and create trade dollars which can be used to purchase more needed items, making it a double win situation for the business.

Creates more customers

What someone may not be willing to pay for in cash, they may be willing to get with trade. Many companies utilize leverage in creating trade dollars. Therefore the $1 they spent, did not cost them $1 to create. So, they are leveraging their time and resources into larger amounts that benefit them better in the long run.

Creates cash sales and transactions

Like in the example of the hotel, though a customer may pay for a room with trade, the room service, valet and the numerous other amenities they use while at the hotel are paid for in cash, which is bringing more cash into the business than would have originally been there than if that room sat empty. These cash transactions of course help with the cash flow of the business and in turn help the business survive.

Purchasing Power

All of us will agree that cash is no more than a means to an end. When it comes to making your purchases, the form of payment is unimportant. Using your goods and/or services is an excellent way to make the purchases you and your business need in both good times and bad.


iTrade Pay brings the benefits of business to business barter to hundreds of local businesses that your business will profit from. These loyal clients have made us the largest and one of the most exclusive exchanges across the state of Arizona.


With iTrade Pay International Barter Alliance, you are connected to the largest barter marketplace in the world. With over 150 exchanges, 40,000 plus members and more than $400 million in goods and services available, your business is sure to profit locally and around the world.

How Does iTrade Pay Work?

iTrade Pay increases profits by utilizing excess capacity to generate incremental business, reduce cash expenditures and fund unbudgeted expansion. This is accomplished without making any changes in how you do business. All you will do is add an additional form of payment.

How does this affect my taxes?

One of the most important considerations about barter is that the IRS deems barter transactions to be taxable events. The fair market value of products or services you receive via barter must be reported as income to the IRS. This may result in income, self-employment, or excise tax liability, as well as capital gains or losses. If you make transactions via a barter exchange, you should receive a Form 1099-B from the exchange that details your barter activity.