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Business Opportunities

iTrade Pay is always expanding. Want to hang your hat with an exciting company in a growth industry? iTP may just be the answer!

  • Do you love advising and working with business decision-makers?
  • Do you love assisting businesses to grow?

In both good and bad economies iTrade Pay experiences tremendous growth in membership. iTP transactions are occurring every minute of every day, with millions of dollars being exchanged every year.

Join the success of iTP and be a part of the excitement of one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. iTrade Pay has Licenced Area opportunities available throughout the world and as an iTrade Pay Broker, you will be exposed to massive profit and growth potential as well as great capital growth.

iTrade Pay Master Area Brokerships are granted the rights to operate a country or territory, open offices and/or contract with others for Sub Area Brokerships within that region. This is with the support of one of the most successful business-to-business barter operations in the United States. Area Brokers receive the tools required to run a successful iTP area and have access to every iTrade Pay innovation and service.

Benefits experienced by Area Brokers include:
  • A ‘turn-key’ system
  • Access to world-class technology
  • A business with strong cash flow
  • Multiple global revenue stream operating 24 hours x 365 days per year
  • Access to the global marketplace and unlimited member customers via iTP’s Online Barter Store; a global computerized trade exchange network
  • The iTrade Pay brand and marketing support
  • The autonomy to control the business with the reassurance and ongoing support of a business model and a world-class management team
  • A defined territory for development and expansion
  • Extensive training with ongoing strategic sales, marketing, administration and trading support
  • Advice on financial modeling, business planning, human resources, and site selection in addition to other management needs
  • The opportunity for high-return on investment
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