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iTrade Media can help your hotel or resort convert unsold room nights into major advertising campaigns and guaranteed new bookings.

Increase Your Hotel’s Profits with barter advertising strategies. Hotels and Resorts can use barter advertising to help build their brand, leverage resources, open new sale channels, attract new customers and increase cash flow with no cash out of pocket.

Leveraging the power of barter is an intelligent way to monetize unsold rooms and it provides hotels & resorts with a system for selling available room inventory in a way that is consistent with their particular image and goals. Since the typical barter client is a corporate traveler or incentive group that is not a current customer, hotels utilizing barter can reach entirely new clients and sources of future cash business. Exchanging a percentage of your average daily unsold inventory is an effective means of purchasing advertising, promotions and other marketing services when funds are not available or are too costly. Utilizing barter is a viable option that can provide a valuable, competitive edge for your business.