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Trade your way to profits.

Connect with our barter network to achieve your targets and complete your business needs by trading, not by paying

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Barter for what you need
with what you have

Let iTM help your business
increase revenue and decrease expenses
by leveraging the power of trading.

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Your team's new
secret to success.

Save thousands of dollars by trading your
commercial inventory for your business needs.
Also enjoy a free $100 spending credit when you
register by December 31st, 2022.

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The iTrade Advantage

Bartering with the iTrade Pay Network will give you a competitive edge on many levels. Barter can be an impactful tool whether you are just starting out, in a phase of growth or a Fortune 500 Company.

Conserves Cash

Every time you complete a trade transaction, you did not have to pay cash out of your pocket for that item. By bartering, you can conserve cash for the items you cannot get with trade.

Gets Rid of Surplus

Many companies have unsold surplus. Stale goods cost the company money. It wastes space that could be used for sales. Things that won’t move in cash might in trade.

Creates More Customers

What someone may not be willing to pay for in cash, they may be willing to get with trade. This opens up your market to more customers that are not willing to shell out cash, but have items to trade.

Lowers Unused Capacity

With barter and trade, a business can fill unused capacity like vacant hotel rooms and produce trade dollars to buy more essential things, creating a win-win situation for the business.

Generates Transactions

In the hotel example, a consumer may pay for a room with trade, but room service, valet, and other amenities are paid for in cash, bringing in more income than if the room sat vacant.

Better Purchasing Power

Cash is a means, not an end. When it comes to making your purchases, the form of payment is unimportant. Using your goods and/or services is an excellent way to make the purchases your business needs.

Access to Network

When you sign up for membership, you’ll join a powerful network of thousands of businesses that use the same network. By doing this, you’ll have exposure to millions of people, be able to network rapidly, make new sales, and save money.

Have a Growth Partner

We offer a full brokering and marketing team to support and assist your business both in the generation new business as well as utilizing your funds to the fullest potential.

How Bartering through iTrade Pay Works

Register for an account

This is quick and easy, and you can sign up for an account in less than a minute!

Find what you need

Access our marketplace with thousands of businesses, products, and services that you can choose from.

Offer what you can trade

List your excess business inventory or any commercial item or service that you can trade in the platform.

Enjoy the fruits of barter

Receive the item or service you bartered for within the iTrade Pay platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Barter is the exchange of goods and services in place of monetary or cash payment. Participants in a barter transaction directly trade goods or services for another good or service of equal or greater value.

Cash is the life of a business, and without a positive cash flow, a business cannot survive. By bartering, you acquire what you need without cash, and you can also conserve cash for the items you cannot get with trade.

Traditional and one-on-one trade has its drawbacks, such as a small variety of goods and services available and restrictions on what can be exchanged in order to obtain what you need.

If you have something of value to offer, iTrade Pay will deposit trade dollars into your trade account, which you can then use to buy anything you want or need within the network and platform.

To create an account with iTrade Pay, just visit this link to view and accomplish the Registration Form. You will also have access to our Membership Agreement and Policies & Procedures, which you need to agree to.

Our corporate headquarters can be reached at 602-308-0385 if you have any questions or would like to join our program.

As an official member, you get access to unlimited transactions when you trade with other members. You also get free listings for your products and services, in addition to having access to local, national, and even international markets through our network of affiliates.

In addition to having protected and real-time access to both our website and your iTrade Pay account, you will also receive regular updates and bulletins sent directly to your inbox.

On top of these, you will also receive invitations to Networking Activities and Special Events.

You can look for products and services by searching for their name, industry, or any other identifier within the platform. On the other hand, you may give us a call if you are having trouble finding a specific product or service, and our team will put you in touch with the company that best meets your needs.

Once you’ve become a member, you will have access to the largest barter marketplace in the world. With over 150 exchanges, 40,000 plus members, and more than $400 million in goods and services available, your business is sure to profit locally and around the world.

You should charge the same pricing for products and services as you would for cash, but you are free to eliminate sale items and services from the equation.

Transactions with iTrade Pay are completely trade-based. Notify iTrade Pay right away if you come across sellers or buyers who insist on paying with cash.

Under the “Tax Equity and Financial Responsibility Act of 1982,” Trade Exchanges are recognized as third-party record keepers for barter transactions and client barter revenue. Trade Exchanges are now legal custodians alongside banks, credit unions, and brokers.

One of the most important considerations about barter is that the IRS deems barter transactions to be taxable events. The fair market value of products or services you receive via barter must be reported as income to the IRS. This may result in income, self-employment, or excise tax liability, as well as capital gains or losses. If you make transactions via a barter exchange, you should receive a Form 1099-B from the exchange that details your barter activity.