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New Customers

Barter is a powerful tool for businesses to move excess inventory, fill unused time and maximize existing resources. It can also create new opportunities and bring in new customers. Members can create additional business, including new cash business using trade dollars and the trade network.

Perhaps the most obvious source of new business from joining a trade exchange is from the existing members. iTrade has a network of thousands of existing members. They want to utilize their trade dollars rather than spend cash so they will seek companies within the network first. Therefore, becoming an iTrade member brings these thousands of existing members as potential new customers. They also become potential new vendors with whom you will be able to utilize your own trade dollars as part of the iTrade community.

Barter can also help you generate new cash business. The relationships created within the trade network can lead to referrals. Trade customers can refer their non-trade friends, family, clients and associates. When a member has a great experience with another company in the exchange, they are likely to refer them just like they would for a company with whom they used cash and those referrals can bring in new cash customers.

Finally, you can leverage your own trade dollars to actively drive additional cash business through advertising and marketing. With hundreds of advertising options including magazines, newspapers, radio, television and digital advertising as well as website development, optimization, branding, social media and much more, there is bound to be an option that fits your needs. By using trade dollars to advertise your business, you can increase your exposure, attract new customers and generate additional cash business. Advertising is a large cash expense for many businesses so you save cash at the same time!

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