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Posted on November 4th, 2022

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Capture NX 2 Tutorial: D-Lighting | Nikon – Popular Support Articles

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I especially appreciate their informative and straightforward browser-based help system that downloads as a single file. I’ve also embedded URLs to resource websites in the eBook; you can’t do that in a printed book. I’ll stick with NX-D for now, hopefully they will fix this. Aug 6, video. A few bugs, but that’s to be expected in a brand-new app In my time with Nikon NX Studio, I’ve found it to be very stable, but that’s not to say it’s perfect, nor would I expect a brand-new app to be. The failure of any party to insist upon strict performance of any of the terms or provisions of this Agreement, or the exercise of any option, right or remedy contained herein, shall not be construed as a waiver of any future application of such term, provision, option, right or remedy, and such term, provision, option, right or remedy shall continue and remain in full force and effect.


Real World Nikon Capture NX 2 [Book]


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Nikon capture nx2 tutorial free


I will definitely be keeping an eye on the Nikon software though. Very interesting. Unfortunately NX-Studio can’t open these files. I bake changes into ‘developed’ tif files and leave the original raw files alone. There’s comfort in knowing that the raw file is always there, pristine and unchanged, whatever I might do to bugger things up. Also, Highlights recovery and Shadow Brightness tool is great.

I recommend. For videos I use other applications. I agree. Got the free manufacturer-specific version with my Lumix and eventually paid for the all-format license. It’s not a slick product from the UI point of view but very powerful in terms of image manipulation.

I especially appreciate their informative and straightforward browser-based help system that downloads as a single file. IMHO, this is a great approach: develop an engine available to all manufacturers for ‘free’ distribution with support only for their specific RAW format and then sell the same thing with universal support.

I appreciate not having to learn something new for each camera brand and not paying subscription fees. I would say it is better in many ways, but as far as I remember NX2 has a little more advanced control points. I wish it had NX2 selection brush where you could edit select part of the image without affecting the rest of the image.

I suppose ‘lasso’ selection has gone too My first impression of this software was the colors. It is very good converting Nikon RAW files. And most of the Lightroom features are also in it.

It will take some time to get used to using but it seems easier to use compared to Rawtherapee and Darktable Great job Nikon for this free software. Search function for file info IPTC is case sensitive? When searching in my folder for “modellMC” I get no hits. So if I tag a picture with subject “Steven Andersson” the search “steven andersson” will get no results. Is there a fix or am I missing something? To reiterate a critical flaw someone noticed earlier in this thread, you cannot export directly into, in my case, Photoshop as a TIF.

I wouldn’t call that very critical. But you are right this worked in NX-D, so it should work here as well.

I absolutely agree with Mr. Sigma’s been on a roll with their mirrorless Art series lenses. Does the new 24mm F1. Canon’s high end APS-C mirrorless camera has plenty of compelling features, but is it worth the price? Jordan took it on vacation to find out. But is it enough to outclass the competition? We dive deep to find out where it excels and what it’s like to fly. DJI has a new gimbal, and it’s compatible with some of the revolutionary accessories from the Ronin 4D.

Is this the gimbal to get? These capable cameras should be solid and well-built, have both speed and focus for capturing fast action and offer professional-level image quality. What’s the best camera for shooting landscapes? High resolution, weather-sealed bodies and wide dynamic range are all important.

In this buying guide we’ve rounded-up several great cameras for shooting landscapes, and recommended the best. If you’re looking for the perfect drone for yourself, or to gift someone special, we’ve gone through all of the options and selected our favorites.

Although a lot of people only upload images to Instagram from their smartphones, the app is much more than just a mobile photography platform. In this guide we’ve chosen a selection of cameras that make it easy to shoot compelling lifestyle images, ideal for sharing on social media. Two of the GPUs are designed for workstation desktops, while a third is for laptops. This second-generation adapter is smaller, faster and quieter than its predecessor.

Midwest Photo was burgled late last week after a stolen truck broke through the store’s front entrance. The store is in the progress of recovering from the damage and stolen goods. Photographers should be on the lookout for any suspicious product listings online.

Travel with Peter to see how he shoots, and view some of the spectacular photos he captures along the way. Includes sample gallery. We go hands-on with Sigma’s latest ‘Digital Native’ wide-angle lenses for L-mount and Sony E-mount cameras to see what features they have and what sets them apart from the rather limited competition. Sony has announced in-camera forgery-proof photo technology for its a7 IV mirrorless camera.

The technology, aimed at corporate users, cryptographically signs images in-camera to detect future pixel modification and tampering. It uses tracks, cords and hooks to store your gear flat against the wall without hiding it from view. The new Sigma 24mm F1. Check out our sample gallery to see how sharp it is, as well as how it handles flare, chromatic aberrations and sunstars. Sigma’s new 20mm F1. Chris and Jordan run through their absolute favorite lenses for Sony E-Mount, including both Sony lenses and third party options.

Nikon has released the financial results for the first quarter of its fiscal year, revealing increased year-over-year revenue and profits. Alfie Cameras is launching its Alfie TYCH next month on Kickstarter, but before then it needs beta testers to see how its triple lens half-frame camera performs.

NASA is preparing for a simulated Mars mission that will house four crew members in a module on Earth. The crew will remotely control drones and rovers to collect rock samples on a simulated Mars. Skypersonic, a remote control drone company, is supplying mission-critical technology as part of the mission. The explosion created one of the most energetic short-duration gamma-ray bursts ever observed.

It brings a new, 25MP sensor and bit 4K capture at up to p. We’ve put it to the test, both in the studio and out in the field. The Tamron Lens Utility Mobile app is set to launch later this year. The app will let you use your compatible Android device to control, customize and update compatible Tamron lenses without the need for a computer.

The images, which appear to be screenshots from a press briefing, reveal some of the details of the forthcoming lens. The Peter McKinnon camera tool features a patent-pending design that features integrated Phillips and flathead drivers, as well as extendable arms capable of holding four other bits that can be swapped out to fit your needs.

Nikon has updated the firmware for its Nikkor Z 50mm F1. Is this good or bad for the industry, and what are the long-term implications? In our tests it delivers big performance and offers a few good reasons why you might choose a 12th-Gen Intel laptop over a Mac.

It’s a far cry from the conventional lenses you’re used to seeing, but it’s sure to give you a look, unlike any optic you can purchase online. The PGM0. Sigma is set to release new ‘products’ next week, on August 8, What do you think Sigma has in store? Check out some summer vacation photos from beautiful British Columbia to see for yourself.

Reading mode: Light Dark. Login Register. Best cameras and lenses. Now reading: Review: Nikon NX Studio answers our plea for a free, all-in-one editing app comments. Introduction Nikon NX Studio version 1. Key takeaways: NX Studio comes with a modern, approachable UI Keywording and GPS tagging are now supported Allows for movie playback and light editing Image quality and performance are broadly similar to predecessors; convenience in a single package is the reason to upgrade A cleaner, friendlier, more modern user interface The user interface is aesthetically similar to that of both earlier apps, but it’s now cleaner, friendlier and more standards compliant than before.

Few and minor drawbacks to the new interface There are relatively few downsides to the new UI. You can’t undock panels any more, but you can customize the workspace with user-selected palettes to match your own workflow The navigation panel, folders and albums controls are all fixed at screen left, while the histogram, adjustments, EXIF information and keywording tools sit at the right of the screen. Keyword your images manually or based on location Given that ViewNX-i had a rather abbreviated selection of editing controls, I’d wager most users will be migrating from Capture NX-D.

View your images and track logs on the map Speaking of the map view, that’s another new addition, and it allows you to see geotagged images from your currently-selected folder or album on an interactive world map. The new Map view can pinpoint the location and capture direction of individual photos, show GPS track logs and automatically geotag your images from the tracks. Play movies and perform basic editing tasks Another new addition is support for movies, both in terms of playback and basic editing.

You can now view and perform basic editing on movies in-app, but you’ll need a beefy processor and GPU if you want to do so with ultra high-def footage. You can also play basic slideshows in-app, but there are only three transition types to choose from, and you’ll need to supply any background music yourself. Performance is similar to both predecessors As for performance, which was already a strong point of Nikon’s software compared to that provided by many manufacturers, things are also pretty similar to before.

A few bugs, but that’s to be expected in a brand-new app In my time with Nikon NX Studio, I’ve found it to be very stable, but that’s not to say it’s perfect, nor would I expect a brand-new app to be. Performance and image quality are very similar to those of its predecessors, and there are thankfully only a few minor bugs Firstly, there’s still an issue with detecting dragging of the right-panel scroll bar, regardless of whether the program is running maximized or not.

Tags: review , nikon , software-review. View Comments Comments All HibikiTaisuna Any update on the keyboard shortcuts? Tetsujin28 No dual display support? JRPhotography1 Good new Software, but it needs refinement! I’ll wait, while I’m continuing using C1. Bad Bokeh So far, it has crashed on my Win 10 PC several times, and it often refuses to actually execute things like Retouch.

Not even close. AMD x 32gigs and nvme ssd. NikonMarlowe Hi. NikonMarlowe Update. Digital Tyke Yes but you cannot specify the required file type. Janet Zinn yes I just discovered this and its a deal-breaker for me. RolMan Would not consider it a deal breaker, but agree that it complicates the workflow.

RolMan Another issue I found is noise reduction. AhjayPee Looked good for a couple of days but now constantly crashing my Windows 10 machine with ‘Page Fault in non-paged area’ – very disappointed :. Urbex Mark Anyone know of a way to have something similar to the Photo Tray with this new program? Nukunukoo Using it, and colour me impressed!

Urbex Mark So I notice the Photo tray is gone. GiovanniB Keywording look rather rudimentary. SwapM I like the Focus Points info.. James Grove Oh its also great to see that data and edits can be placed directly into the raw file rather than side car. James Grove Its actually really good, I am pretty impressed with it, much better than having separate software for separate tasks. User Good to see this and great for Nikon owners who don’t want to pay for additional software.

Not sure. Regards, Philippe. JochenIs You can put the location information by clicking on the location on a map or you can use a gpx track and the software can automatically extract the location information for all images in the folder.

JochenIs Ah my mistake then. NikonMan09 I would like to see the ability to add watermarks upon export in a future update in this program. MaxMoritz Unfortunately again not thought to the end: – do not display more than 4 images at the same time – no simultaneous resizing of the selected images in the viewer – no catalog for quick display with reduced image size like Media Pro. PeterjmTim Thanks for another great review Mike. M Lammerse Silkypix is the only other soft which gives you the exact camera settings as in Capture Studio.

Photog74 Can you make any localised edits via selections or brushes? Hazeyblue Yes to you question. Download it and try, it’s free. Julian Well that was an interesting surprise Julian I rarely use photoshop though, I almost exclusively work in lightroom SdeGat May good points again munn1.

Is photo work a real business for you BTW? Julian I installed NX studio over the weekend, and played with it a bit. Spectro if they just merge the 2, otherwise I will still use capture nx-d here and there. Per Vindis Very interesting. AKH You can choose what you want.

Hazeyblue It does. If so, this is awesome! Hazeyblue I use a custom Picture Set, based around Portrait – it recognises my settings.

It does a exceptional job. You can export directly to Photoshop and Other Applications. Herve J twomonts1 Thank you, I thought I couldn’t find it Stretchini Won’t install after two downloads. Running as admin. Rick It’s free. What’s the problem? CAT Productions Nice surprise.

ChristopherP To reiterate a critical flaw someone noticed earlier in this thread, you cannot export directly into, in my case, Photoshop as a TIF. PhoenixImagine Most likely fixed in an update.

This is version 1. AKH I wouldn’t call that very critical. You may also like. Latest sample galleries. Sigma 20mm F1. Sigma 24mm F1. Canon EOS R10 production sample gallery. See more galleries ». Latest in-depth reviews. It’s small, inexpensive and incredibly wide. How does Laowa’s latest full-frame lens perform?

Read more reviews ». Latest buying guides. Best cameras for landscape photography in Best drones in Best video cameras for photographers in Best cameras for Instagram in Check out more buying guides ». Discover more challenges ». Aug 9, Midwest Photo is recovering after yet another major camera gear burglary. Aug 9, 31 Sponsored. Hands-on: A closer look at Sigma’s new 20mm F1. Sony’s a7 IV gets anti-forgery crypto signature technology for commercial purposes.

Aug 8, camera news. Aug 8, Aug 8, 45 video. Aug 8, 25 sample gallery. Sigma announces 24mm F1. Aug 8, 28 lens news. Sigma reveals 20mm F1. Aug 8, 76 lens news. Aug 6, video. Aug 5, 96 camera news. Aug 5, Aug 5, 5. Scientists use ALMA observatory to capture neutron star merger for the first time ever. Aug 4, Aug 4, review. Tamron is developing an Android app that will let you update and customize your lenses on-the-go.

Aug 3, Aug 3, lens news. Canon says the camera market has ‘largely bottomed out,’ expects pro and ‘advanced amateur’ segments to grow. Aug 2, Nikon adds linear focus mode to three of its Z-mount lenses via firmware update.

Aug 2, lens news. Remote ID for drones ruled constitutional. Is that a good or bad thing for drone owners? Aug 2, review. Aug 1, video. Aug 1, Sigma teases new product launch set to take place next week. You must reproduce on each copy the Nikon copyright notice and any other proprietary legends that were on the original. Except as otherwise stated in this Agreement, you may not make or distribute copies of the Manual to others or electronically transfer the Manual from one computer to another over a network.

This Agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Japan without regard to its conflicts of laws principles. In the event a dispute arises under or in connection with this Agreement, you hereby consent to personal jurisdiction of Japan and waive any objection that such forum is inconvenient. You further consent to service of process in any action arising from this Agreement by regular mail or other commercially reasonable means of receipted delivery.

If any provision of the Agreement shall be determined invalid for any reason, the remaining provisions shall not be invalidated and shall remain in full force and effect.

This Agreement sets forth the entire agreement and understanding between you and Nikon, and supersedes and replaces any other agreements relating to the subject matter of this Agreement. The failure of any party to insist upon strict performance of any of the terms or provisions of this Agreement, or the exercise of any option, right or remedy contained herein, shall not be construed as a waiver of any future application of such term, provision, option, right or remedy, and such term, provision, option, right or remedy shall continue and remain in full force and effect.

The headings of the sections of this Agreement are inserted for convenience only and shall not constitute a part hereof or affect in any way the meaning or interpretation of this Agreement.

Except as otherwise expressly provided herein, the provisions of section 3 and section 4 together with any provisions that by their express terms apply to periods after termination of this Agreement, shall survive termination of this Agreement for any reason.

Other products. Download Center NX Studio. NX Studio Other products. Manuals Manuals Firmware Software. Firmware Manuals Firmware Software.

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