Teri Ambrose

Prior to becoming a member of iTrade Pay we were involved in three other barter companies simultaneously. We chose to work with all three companies because none of them had enough barter opportunities on their own, but together they did. Once we became members of ITrade Pay we dropped the other three. No point in the hassle of three separate companies when iTrade has so many bartering members to choose from! This is a great company, very attentive, responsive, and easy to work with.

Linda Ackerman

We have been so fortunate to work with this team at ITrade Pay! I cannot say enough good things about them. Over the years, they have worked diligently with our company to ensure we have to most updated information regarding all aspects of utilization of their services. Their efforts, professional approach and knowledge has afforded us an increase in business. They are truly happy and always willing to go the extra mile for you. I highly recommend this company you will not be disappointed.

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  • No Enrollment Fees
  • Personal Brokers
  • Full-Time Travel Department
  • Charitable Giving
  • Employee Incentives
  • New Customers
  • Increased Spending Power